Corona virus and it’s effect on lithium battery supplies

Posted on March 16 2020

Corona virus and it’s effect on lithium battery supplies
😷🤒🤧Corona Virus Update.

Facts and advice regarding the risks from Corona virus and the effect of this on the supply of lithium batteries during 2020.

Due to the long production and shipping times The effect of Covid-19 will take some time to affect supply chains for lithium batteries.

Quality source hold good levels of stock in the U.K. of a wide range of batteries from 40Ah to 300Ah both the super tough HD series and the lighter fully featured Bluetooth enabled Novel range. All current stock that we have was received from goods sent from China before the COVid-19 outbreak started in December 2019. Our U.K. stock is available for next working day delivery to mainland U.K.

Having said that and to address some of the misinformation the internet is full of, it is worth stating there is no known risk for transmission from goods sent from any country that has the infection. Be it the U.K., Italy or China.

In general, because of poor survivability of these coronaviruses on surfaces, there is likely very very low risk of spread from products or packaging that are shipped over a period of days or weeks at ambient temperatures.

This is seconded by the CDC's FAQ on their website, which claimed that coronaviruses cannot withstand surfaces, so there's no need to panic. While it can survive once it enters the human body, the virus doesn't stand a chance once exposed to the outside environment.

How coronavirus reacts to sunlight and UV
Similar viruses like MERS and SARS only survive outside for a few hours.

In fact, even brief exposure to sunlight or UV rays is already enough to kill the virus. That being said, even if an infected person touched or sneezed on a package, there's very little to no chance at all of ever transmitting it to the receiver.

Corona virus IS Disrupting supply chains for many goods. This is likely to feed through over the coming months to virtually all product areas. From mobile phones, cars due to delayed component supplies and lithium batteries.

Virtually every battery supplied in the U.K. have some element of packaging or cells or construction involving China.

For Lithium batteries pretty much every producer in the EU and USA will suffer a up stream shortage of primary cells, circuit boards, plastic cases or connections required to make finished goods.

The effect of this is that it is likely to restrict supply in 2020. This restriction will also likely put pressure to increase prices for some time forwards and also extend lead times for any products not in stock.

Shipping rates have increased massively by air and by sea. Services have withdrawn so even if a company can make their product overseas they may not be able to move it by air or by sea. Priority is being given to medical/ pharmaceutical and foods.

Quality source are well placed to manage these delays due to our significant stock holding. We expect to maintain our supply for some months and hope that we can meet customers expectation until the early summer.

That said if you have a project that Needs to use LiFePO4 batteries and you do not wish to have any hold ups or supply delays we recommend placing your order as early as possible. As stock levels reduce the discounts and or sale prices will be removed until the supply chain has caught up and freight rates have stabilised.

To secure your battery for this years summer season, buy now while stocks are high and the choice of different sizes and current handling is wide.


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