Time to join the energy revolution ?

Posted on January 01 2020

Time to join the energy revolution ?

Wishing all our Customers past and future a wonderful New Year!

20 years on from the Millenium a quiet revolution is taking place that sees more and more people taking advantage of the latest technology in Energy storage. The progress of Lithium Ion batteries and their variants such as LiFePO4 has been very fast. and as with all New technologies there is a huge range of quality in the market place and a great deal of confusion with the end users of what is possible, what equipment is required and how best to harnes the amazing long life benifits of Lithium storage batteries for a reasonable price.   Quality Source have searched through many many providers of batteries that contact us every week, requesting us to stock their products.  We choose to work with Polinovel as their products are excellant quality and fairly priced with a nice big range of sizes and current handling.   We are not offering the cheapest poorly made products you can find on ebay sold by anonomous companies, who import and resell without following the registered battery producer rules and pay no attention to the CE marking requirments.  We offer Top quality products that are manufactured in China (as are almost every cell found in lithium batteries from all over the world)  by being the primary importer and authorised representative you get the very best possible value for money when you buy from us.  Our local UK stock offers fast delivery usually within 1-2 days. Our UK presence means you can speak to us about any question you have and we will endeavour to help you make the most of your products and buy the right battery for your situation. This is the  key to being hapy with your investment and being wowed by what is now possible.  We havent found any clients who once they have worked with Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries  for deep cycle applications have ever gone back to lead acid....  and that says a lot! 

Check out our Blog on Current handling and why it is important for you to know what you need and how to choose the right battery for you.

have a great year! 

Rowland King


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