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LiFePO4 Battery Chargers

Quality Source has a range of cutting-edge LiFePO4 battery chargers  designed to charge lithium iron phosphate batteries (LFP) at the correct voltage, because high-performance batteries require high-performance chargers. These battery chargers boast fast-charging capabilities, so you can have yours running smoothly in just a few hours. We have LiFePO4 chargers that deliver  14.6V  for 12V HD Series and 12V Novel Series batteries at 20Amp  and 40Amp Sizes.  29.2V chargers for 24V  Series connected systems rated at 25Amps , so why not buy a specific Lithium  battery charger for your LifePO4 batteries today?

Why Choose Our Lithium Ion Phosphate Chargers?

  • Fast lithium battery charging time and power supply - our 14.6V 20Amp LifePO4 battery charger can charge a 12V 100 Ah battery to 80% state of charge in 4 hours from flat. our 14.6V 40Amp LiFePO4 battery charger can be used on the 200Ah models and bigger for a faster charge rate.
  • Safe - compared to a lead-acid battery, a lithium battery is far safer and can be charged much faster without generating explosive gasses or damage the cell, provided the lithium battery charger is used within the specified charge limits of the bateries it is connected to.
  • Works with your battery's BMS -  our LiFePO4 battery chargers work with the battery management system, allowing a full Voltage Cell Balancing charge that is needed from time to time to keep the battery healthy and provide maximum performance  for maximum life cycles. The Constant Voltage Constant Current charger reduces to float level once the maximum charge voltage is reached. protecting the battery for overcharge.

Quality Source are leaders in providing quality LiFePO4 cells and battery accessories, so you can get everything you need in one place.

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Applications of a Lithium Battery Charger

LiFePO4 battery chargers are used widely for li-ion batteries in:

  • Yachts, 
  • Golf carts 
  • Caravans, RVs and motorhomes
  • even in domestic settings for back up inverter generators and off grid solar set ups.

    Additional information

    • Compared to lithium polymer batteries, a lithium iron Phosphate battery  requires a specific voltage that is  best delivered by a Lithium Iron compatible battery charger.  LiFePO4 should Not to be confused with Lithium Polymer or other types of Lithium ION   batteries that have a much lower thermal runaway threshold, that are more susceptible to overheating and  Swelling ballooning, fire etc. The most stable chemistry is ideally suited to habitation environments of camper vans Boats etc.  
    • Our LiFePO4 battery pack chargers will only charge Lithium Iron batteries, as they are set to their specific cell voltage (14.6V), so be sure to check your battery type before purchasing our charging packs. 
    • Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries are more efficient when it comes to charging currents - out-performing that of a lead-acid battery. Charge efficiency of LiFePO4 is typically 93%+ compared to 50% during the absorption phase of Lead acid charging 
    • 2 step charging process. 
    • Our lithium battery chargers operate by getting to the main charge at 90% with Constant Current and voltage and then the  final part tapers the current delivery until fully charged at 100% -  which is at a consistent charge voltage. Once Charged the charger returns to float voltage of 13.8V. 
    • Ensure that you have the right battery charger at hand to top-up your batteries, without causing damage to them. Our LiFePO4 battery charger packs are constructed from   lightweight  Aluminium for maximum durability, safe heat loss and compact portable size compared to traditional AGM or lead-acid battery chargers, ensuring that appliances can be charged quickly and be ready to operate in the shortest possible time.
    • To use the LiFePO4 charger, ensure that your battery is within the appropriate temperature range. Your battery should ideally have a BMS that protects against elevated temperatures, Charge current and cell voltage limits, so be sure to check this before charging.

    Why not browse our range of LiFePO4 cells and rechargeable batteries to complete your order?