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12V Solar storage Inverter Charger and MPPT Charge control.

12V Solar storage Inverter Charger and MPPT Charge control.

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The HDL and HDLU inverter converts 12V DC Voltage Deep Cycle Leisure battery into AC 220V AC power, provides a stable and reliable High Power AC power supply for Commercial vehicles, RV, Motor Homes, Van conversions, Boats, Caravans  or small portable Office or Welfare units etc.  

The HDL Series Inverter has low battery voltage protection, Output overload  protection, temperature protection, short circuit protection and a comprehensive range of hardware and software protections. The 12V DC-AC-DC Inverter adopts Duel frequency isolation architecture for all types of loads, such as: air conditioning, high power electrical devices and mobile precision instruments. 

The bi-directional inverter can be used for both on-grid  and off-grid PV Systems.  During the day, the PV array generates electricity which can be provided either to the loads and or charge the batery, depending on the available power and usage.  The electricity stored can be released when the loads require it during the night through the Inverter. Additionally, the power grid can also charge the storage devices via the inverter. 


  • Rated power 2KW to 3KW
  • MPPT solar charge controller to maximize the solar output
  • High frequency inverter with small size and light weight
  • Sine wave AC output 
  • Overload, short circuit and deep discharge protection
  • Configurable AC/ solar input priority via LCD setting
  • Compatible to mains voltage or generator power
  •  Use in Camper Vans, Vehicles, sailing boats, portable site offices. 
  • Best paired with 1 - 4 of  the Novel Series 12V 200Ah battery in a parallel set up. 




Machine size(L*W*H, mm)



Package Size(L*W*H, mm)






Product Picture



Inverter mode

Rated output power



Rated output voltage


Rated output frequency


The output waveform

Sine wave

Power Factor


AC-DC power supply

conversion time


battery conversion efficiency




125% <load <150%, continued 60S shutdown protection

150% <load, continued 20S shutdown protection

Mains supply mode

Input voltage


Frequency Range


Charging efficiency


Charging voltage

14.0±0.2VDC(default setting)

Float voltage

13.8±0.2VDC(default setting)

Recharging current

0-70A,Customers can set up (the default setting 30A)

Temperature compensation



Applicable battery

Lead-acid batteries, gel batteries, LiFePO4 batteries and flooded lead-acid battery ( the default setting are the maintenance-free lead-acid batteries )

Battery under voltage


It can be set (default setting: 10.5 ± 0.2VDC)

Display method

LCD screen

Display content

Input and output voltage, frequency, load power and machine status


Key Function

Settings button: Press one second to enter the setup menu, press 3 seconds to save

the setting.

Page keys: Press one second parameter selection.

Back button: Press 1 second to exit.

Generator mode

HDL series products can automatically identify and enters the generator mode when 240V AC or MPPT Solar Voltage is present.

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