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LiFePO4 Li-ION Novel Series bluetooth Lithium battery

Lithium-ion Bluetooth Smart Lithium Batteries

With our lithium Bluetooth battery packs, you are able to monitor different batteries through an app. Using a BMS (Battery management system), this enables the user to alter and control battery functionality to optimise performance and capacity usage. This protects the batteries by balancing the battery cells, preventing overcharging, discharging or a short circuit. 

Why choose Lithium-ion Bluetooth Batteries?

Our Lithium Bluetooth batteries have many advantages over lead-acid batteries:

  • More compact and lightweight
  • 10x more charge cycles
  • Quicker charging
  • Lower self-discharge
  • Sort

Our smart lithium Bluetooth batteries are also able to supply double the power output of lead-acid batteries, at a higher discharge rate with a high energy capacity.

Using Novel Series smart lithium battery with a Bluetooth communication function through an  Android and IOS APP, users can easily monitor one or more batteries working status on a smartphone. The main applications are used for RV, Motorhome, Marine, Boat, classic & 2nd car, Solar System etc. Our Lithium-ion batteries are powerful, reliable and safe.

BMS Bluetooth app

The BMS enables the user to monitor your li-ion battery usage and status through Bluetooth. This keeps you in control, enabling you to detect potential issues early from your smartphone.

Using the BMS, you can:

  • Prolong battery life
  • Monitor battery operating temperature, current, and cell voltage.
  • Enhance performance and safety
  • View battery SOC (State of charge)

Why Choose Quality Source?

  • Efficient products and cycle life – Our Lithium Batteries can last up to 6000 cycles if conservatively managed  and looked after.
  • Expertise you can trust - We've been servicing clients across the UK and internationally for over 20 years, so we have experience of delivering for a variety of clients, including boat and motorhome hire companies to name just a few. We are lithium iron specialists, we don’t sell lead-acid or AGM batteries. 
  • Quality – We don’t sell ‘cheap’ batteries – we sell long-lasting and efficient products such as lifepo4 batteries, that allow you to make savings in the long term. You will be spending less on replacing them as often as other battery types, like lead-acid batteries.
  • Novel series  batteries are covered by our 7 year upto 2000 cycle guarantee.  This means that after 2000 cycles of 100% down to 20% discharge  the battery will retain at least 80% of its original storage capacity. 

    With conservative use between 30%-95% state of charge, we would expect the battery to be capable of between 4000-6000 cycles as a realistic life expectancy.   All based on charging and discharging within the recommended specification for voltage, current and temperature.  Faster charging and discharging can be handled by the BMS within the battery, however always exceeding the recommended charge/discharge parameters will likely lead to a shorter life of the battery.