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LiFePO4 HD Professional for high current uses (160Amp current handling continuous BMS)

The HD professional range is designed for use in high current applications. The integrated BMS has uprated current handling rated at 160Amp continuous  current drain.  The range still enables you to connect up to 4 batteries in parallel OR 4 batteries in series where higher voltages are required.  

This range of batteries will be most suitable to EV propulsion systems in boats,  forklifts, machines with high current demand. Or those who run inverters that are rated at upto 1.9kW in vans, boats, motor homes, RV and caravans.  

HD professional batteries are covered by our 5 year upto 2000 cycle guarantee.  This means that after 2000 cycles of 100% down to 20% discharge  the battery will retain at least 80% of its original storage capacity. 

With conservative use between 30%-95% state of charge, we would expect the battery to be capable of between 4000-6000 cycles as a realistic life expectancy.   All based on charging and discharging within the recommended specification for voltage, current and temperature.  Faster charging and discharging can be handled by the BMS within the battery, however always exceeding the recommended charge/discharge parameters will likely lead to a shorter life of the battery.