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LiFePO4 Li-ION HD Series Lithium Battery

LiFePO4 Li-ION HD Series Deep Cycle Lithium Leisure Batteries are Heavy Duty and Robust, designed for supplying battery power in Cars, Commercial Vehicles, Motor Boats, Yachts, Caravans, Campervans, RV's and other high demand applications.

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Reliable Deep-cycle Batteries

A robust, reliable deep cycle battery is essential to any off-grid trip, whether it’s a 12V lithium battery or series connection for 24V, 36V or 48V system. The lithium-ion leisure battery is a popular choice when it comes to powering House Loads, Inverters for mobile 240V supply  and other high-demand applications in Camper Vans, Boats and remote off grid living. They are reliable, durable and cost-effective.

Deep cycling batteries can regularly discharge their capacity and be recharged, rather than supplying short bursts of power, like a regular engine starter battery. A deep cycle leisure battery will provide long-lasting rechargeable power, perfect for providing house loads for fridges, mains inverters, Electric Propulsion systems. They can also be recharged using power generated by solar panels, or fast high amperage mains and alternator charging through a DC-DC Converter.

Rechargeable Lithium Leisure Battery

Our lithium leisure battery range are commonly used for camping applications such as powering caravans and RV’s. They supply power for everything from lighting, Fridges and AC to  motor movers. They can be connected in series to make a number of voltages including 48V, 36V, 24V  or they can be connected in parallel to make even bigger Battery banks of 12v deep cycle battery's. Our 12V lithium-ion leisure battery is also used to power:

  • Motorhomes
  • Caravan battery
  • Car battery
  • Camping
  • Catering vans
  • Traffic lights
  • Campervans
  • Horseboxes

LiFePO4 Batteries should not be fast charged charged below 0 degrees centigrade. So external charge controllers are recommended IF the battery is fitted in a location that can be below 0 degrees whilst charging. Quality source’s Novel series batteries Incorporate a smart Battery management system, that not only shows the actual battery temperature but also disconnects charging when the temperature is  above the preset parameters. This protects against accidental charging when outside recommended environmental range and allows you to monitor a trickle charge rate when close to or below zero degrees.

Why Choose Quality Source?

  • Efficient products – Our Lithium Batteries can last up to 6,000 cycles if the depth of discharged is managed to a restricted range of around 30-95% depth of Discharge. 
  • Expertise you can trust - We have over 20 years experience in servicing clients across the UK and internationally with the best Quality Products. Quality Source offer one of the best quality Lithium Iron leisure batteries for exceptionally competitive prices. We have experience of delivering for a variety of clients, including boat and motorhome hire companies to name just a few. We are lithium iron specialists, we don’t sell lead-acid or AGM batteries. 
  • Quality – We don’t sell ‘cheap’ batteries – we sell long-lasting, fully featured and well designed efficient products that allow you to make savings in the long term. Investing in a modern quality Lithium battery  removes the need to replacing them as often as other battery types, like lead-acid batteries. View our 12v leisure battery in the many different storage capacities below.
  • HD  batteries are covered by our 5 year upto 2000 cycle guarantee.  This means that after 2000 cycles of 100% down to 20% discharge  the battery will retain at least 80% of its original storage capacity. 

    With conservative use between 30%-95% state of charge, we would expect the battery to be capable of between 4000-6000 cycles as a realistic life expectancy.   All based on charging and discharging within the recommended specification for voltage, current and temperature.  Faster charging and discharging can be handled by the BMS within the battery, however always exceeding the recommended charge/discharge parameters will likely lead to a shorter life of the battery.