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Motorhome Battery and Leisure Batteries For Sale

Motorhome batteries for Caravans, RVs and Camper Vans.

Motorhome batteries, also known as leisure batteries are specially designed for a range of heavy-duty uses, making them ideal to use for the vehicles above.
Quality Source's range of quality lithium batteries offers a leisure battery to suit your caravans and campervans, all of which are designed to provide optimal performance for your motorhome.

Compared to the likes of absorbed glass mat/AGM batteries and lead-acid variants, our motorhome leisure batteries are cost-effective in the long-run

Our motorhome leisure batteries also contain a state-of-the-art battery management system (BMS), giving you complete control over the monitoring of the battery level during charges and discharges.

Make our products your first choice for your leisure battery needs by browsing our products now!

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What's The Difference Between a Leisure Battery For Motorhomes & a Car Battery?

It might not seem like there is much distinguishing the two, however, leisure batteries are better suited for the likes of motorhomes and caravans.

Leisure batteries produce steadier levels of energy over a long period of time and can withstand longer periods of time at a deeply discharged state, which is what motorhomes need. On the other hand, car batteries produce a bigger burst of energy over a short period of time  to start the engine, but perform poorly when discharged over long periods of time.  A car battery that is not kept fully charged will fail in a very short amount of time. This is also what makes leisure batteries good for other appliances that need to be operating for longer periods of time, such as lighting.

Leisure batteries also make your appliances run smoothly and safely by regulating the power supply, LiFePO4 in particular has a very stable voltage through a wide state of charge,  which is important when running sensitive equipment and power inverters to provide 240V mains power.  The battery is protected by the BMS against over charge and discharge both electronically and also with a physical fuse for each cell. A unique feature not found on lower quality products. 

Why Choose Our Motorhome Batteries?

Our motorhome batteries are more efficient in a number of ways, from efficiency and longevity to environmental factors. Below are just a few reasons why they perform better than the likes of gel batteries or starter batteries:

  • Long-Lasting Battery Life - You won't need to have our leisure batteries hooked up to a charger for hours on end, as you would with an AGM type. Did you know that lithium batteries can fully charge in five hours? Our products mean that you can make the most of your trips in, for example, your camper van for longer.

  • An Eco-Friendly Alternative - Everyone can do their bit for the environment, and our motorhome batteries can help you do just that. With innovations such as solar panels being installed on caravans and campervans amongst other uses, our range of motorhome batteries help you to reduce your environmental impact on the planet.

    Our lithium caravan batteries contain less plastic than their lead-acid battery or AGM counterparts, too.

    Lead acid batteries have more of a negative impact due to their toxic by-products, as well as having lower longevity and efficiency. Our products do not contain toxic lead or sulphuric acid and do not need to be replaced as often that contributes to carbon emissions.

  • A Super-Efficient Leisure Battery - Lithium motorhome batteries last 4-8 times longer than standard AGM or lead acid batteries, making them cost-effective with their impressive levels of longevity - they are built to last.

    They are also maintenance-free, easy to install and deep cycle, making them great for the power that is required for heavy-duty usage, i.e. motorhomes - all whilst being smaller than standard car batteries.

FAQs About Motorhome Batteries

Q - How  do I charge my motorhome battery?

It’s best to charge your motorhome battery with a dedicated lithium battery charger. These can be plugged into a mains power supply or a portable power supply so you can recharge whilst on the move. 

Q - What could be draining my motorhome battery?

If your motorhome battery is draining too quickly or too often, it’s likely that your leisure battery, or the equipment it’s connected to, is faulty. Other causes also include cold temperatures, poor connections, battery age and more. 

Q - How many years do leisure batteries last?

Leisure batteries typically last 4-8 times longer than AGM or lead-acid batteries. Most leisure batteries last for 5 years, but this can be extended depending on how you look after your battery.

Q - What type of battery is a leisure battery?

There are several different types of leisure battery, including lithium batteries, lead acid batteries and AGM batteries. Here at Quality Source, we stock lithium leisure batteries because they’re long-lasting and they’re more cost-effective in the long-run.


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