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Quality Source supplies high-quality marine batteries with the very latest LiFePO4 (lithium iron phosphate) technology. With many marine applications also powering other devices, it's vital that you have something that can power both the propulsion and electronic systems onboard. So if you are looking for a cutting-edge and reliable battery source for leisure applications, look no further and shop our full range today.

Why should you choose our leisure batteries for your marine applications over other battery types?
• Ideal for yachts, boats/narrowboats and other heavy-duty leisure applications due to its deep-cycle capabilities
• Maintenance-free
• Uses LiFePO4, which is the safest lithium battery and more environmental friendly than AGM (absorbed glass mat) types
• Features a lightweight battery box design, so you can save space and reduce weight - save 60% in weight and a 1/3 in size compared to standard lead acid batteries!
• Lithium service life is many times more than AGM/lead acid deep cycle batteries